Two Ingredient Ice Cream

That’s right. Ice cream. I was so excited to be a part of Summer Sampling over at Newlyweds on a budget last week. They had a super fun line up of great summer time treats & recipes! I shared a super simple ice cream that only calls for THREE ingredients!  Well… unless you chose to […]

Not So Sloppy Joe’s

My husband despises sloppy joe’s. Like with a passion. I once suggested them for dinner and could feel the hate coming from his general direction. So I had to come up with a great substitute. I couldn’t let my little guy go through his whole childhood with out tasting one of those amazingly messy sandwiches! […]

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Ok… Ok… I’m talking about Red Velvet cupcakes today. I know that this cupcake flavor is the favorite of over 1/2 my blog readers, but I don’t really understand why… It’s like a knock off version of a chocolate cupcake, but with way less cocoa… Regardless of MY feelings, everyone seems to gobble these right […]

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

A neighbor, who also happens to be my visiting teacher, asked if I would be willing to make some cupcakes for her little ones birthday. I, of course, said yes! After all, she only wanted a simple chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Oh, and she needed them to look like Mickey Mouse! Couldn’t be that […]