Two Ingredient Ice Cream


That’s right. Ice cream. I was so excited to be a part of Summer Sampling over at Newlyweds on a budget last week. They had a super fun line up of great summer time treats & recipes! I shared a super simple ice cream that only calls for THREE ingredients!  Well… unless you chose to […]

Not So Sloppy Joe’s


My husband despises sloppy joe’s. Like with a passion. I once suggested them for dinner and could feel the hate coming from his general direction. So I had to come up with a great substitute. I couldn’t let my little guy go through his whole childhood with out tasting one of those amazingly messy sandwiches! […]

Red Velvet Cupcakes


Ok… Ok… I’m talking about Red Velvet cupcakes today. I know that this cupcake flavor is the favorite of over 1/2 my blog readers, but I don’t really understand why… It’s like a knock off version of a chocolate cupcake, but with way less cocoa… Regardless of MY feelings, everyone seems to gobble these right […]

German Chocolate Cupcakes


I love the flavor of coconut. It’s actually at the top of my favorite frosting recipe flavors. The texture, however, is not my favorite. Once, while on my honeymoon in Hawaii, my husband insisted that I try the fresh stuff. He swore that it was nothing like the kind you buy in the store, and that I […]

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes


A neighbor, who also happens to be my visiting teacher, asked if I would be willing to make some cupcakes for her little ones birthday. I, of course, said yes! After all, she only wanted a simple chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Oh, and she needed them to look like Mickey Mouse! Couldn’t be that […]