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February 6, 2014

This post brought to you by Treat.com. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m not typically one to send cards out on Holidays, but last year I stumbled onto Treat.com.  If you know me you will understand that I have a crazy love for photos. Especially when they are with my little kiddo. He is super photogenic (at least I think so) and I know the days are numbered that he will actually be willing to smile for the camera. That’s why this year I made all of my Valentine’s Day Cards using some of their adorable layouts! I even put together a quick tutorial to show you just how easy the service is!

First thing… Who was I going to send them to?? I decided that grandparents would probably enjoy these cute cards or maybe even one of the great Photo Gifts that they have availible on their site. I glanced throught heir templates and picked one that has a big photo space (my parents like to frame the cards to display in their walkway).

Then I quickly uploaded a few photo choices and inserted them into the designated spaces. I also loved how simple it is to edit the wording to fit your style!

Here is where things get fun. You can either order your finished card and have it sent to you… OR you can send it directly to your loved ones! Since Valentines day is still pretty far away I chose the first option. However, I did have them print the names and addresses right onto the envelopes for me. Here is what the first cards ended up looking like:

We also ordered a personalized card for my four year old. He loves the big family pictures we have all over the house and I’m sure this one will end up in his room somewhere.

I love all of the different designs they have on the site. I was surprised by all of the amazing templates! Here’s a little bit of good news… If you head over today you can get 3 cards for just $6 using the code SENDMORELOVE! Order quick! This offer expires 2/28/2014 and you’ll need to get yours in by 2/10/2014 if you want them by Valentines day! I’d love to see all of your design creations! Use #sendmorelove to show off your cute designs!

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