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4th of July with Harmon’s (& a Giveaway)

June 21, 2014

4th of july party tips

This post is brought to you by Harmon’s. // Let’s chat about 4th of July for a second. Do you plan a big shin dig? We love having friends and family come together to spend some quality time with great food, good company, and fireworks! Most of the time it’s just a group of people sitting around in our lawn chairs, but every now and again I get a wild hair to spruce things up and get a little festive! This year I did it with the help of my favorite grocery store, Harmon’s.

4th of july party decorations

If you are located in Utah chances are good you’ve heard that name before. Harmon’s has locations up and down the state and is my go-to grocer. Their stores are beautiful and carry such great quality products. I talk a lot about why I shop there for groceries in -> this post. If you want to hear more about that side click on over, but if you want to know a little about the OTHER things they have to offer continue reading.

4th of july party party favors


I was kind of excited to explore their seasonal aisle. I always glance as I walk by and admire the random holiday decorations and supplies, but never seem to steer my cart that direction. I had a general idea of how I was going to decorate but wasn’t sure they would have all of the supplies I need. I like to keep things simple, on the lower cost side, and beautiful. The first thought I had when pulling into the store parking lot was, “Will they have everything I need??”

4th of july party party lights

Luckily they had everything I’d planned and more. Red, white, and blue seem to fill every aisle as they prepare for the summer holiday. I thought the red solo cup lights (above) added a fun element, and my five year old was over-the moon excited about those star beaded necklaces and sparklers! A not-so quick stop at their floral department had me leaving with two mason jar type white vases and a bouquet of white carnations.

4th of july party party sparklers4th of july party party red white and blue drinks

Next stop… FOOD. I tried to stick as close to the color theme as possible with the drinks and snacks. One of the things I love about the store is you can find “Dieticians Choice” tags on the more healthy options, so if you aren’t a big soda and junk food eater (like we are) you can follow their lead and pick up some different brands.

4th of july party party snacks

I served mostly finger foods like red and blue berries, popcorn, and sodas. But I did have two quick star recipes. First are these super simple smore snacks. All I did was broil some marshmallows on a graham cracker base until they were puffed and slightly browned, smash a second cracker on the top, and dip in chocolate.

4th of july party party smores

But the star of the show? This raspberry ice cream! I just love that you don’t need many ingredients or even an ice cream machine. Get prepared to become addicted!


4th of July with Harmon’s (& a Giveaway)


  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 cup fresh raspberries
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla


  1. Whip your heavy cream in the bowl of an electric mixer until slightly stiff.
  2. In a separate bowl combine the raspberries, sweetened milk, and vanilla. Slightly mash the berries so you won’t end up with giant chunks. Fold in your heavy cream. Pour into a large air tight container and freeze until solid.


Phew! Is that the longest post of all time? I’m thinking my next flavor will be a peach cobbler or maybe even a blueberry lemon!

4th-of-july-partyNow, how about a giveaway?! One of my readers will win a Patriotic Party Pack from Harmon’s that includes:

1 strand of red solo cup lights
1 white tablecloth
1 blue tablecloth
2 white jar vase
6 small American flags
3 (3 count) red white and blue star necklaces
1 pack (6 count) silicone baking cups in red and blue
1 patriotic sign
2 boxes neon sparklers
2 boxes sparklers
$30 Harmon’s Gift Card

It’s your very own party in a box that includes all of the decorations AND a gift card to swing in and pick up some snacks! Harmon’s has a great selection of pre-made items or you can make a few of the ones I shared above.

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    June 23, 2014 at 4:31 pm

    What kind of chocolate did you use on the s’mores treat? I like your blog

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