5 No-Fuss Party Activities

The last few weeks have been a crazy celebration of a few things. First, my blog is celebrating it’s THRID year this Wednesday. Can you believe that? One Sweet Appetite has been floating around for 730 days. Geez, that’s like a billion in blog years! But most importantly my sweet little boy turned one year […]

chocolate dipped peep bunnies

Has anyone ever mentioned how difficult it is to work 30 hours a week and maintain a blog? Well, it’s DIFFICULT. I had big plans to share a weeks worth of birthday posts (hence the birthday cake pancakes) but that is being pushed to next week. I’m out of time. Does anyone out there have […]

Birthday Cake Pancakes

Can I be honest for a quick second? Yes? Good… I have a cake mix problem. They are just so stinken simple to use in every recipe. I keep my little hoarder stash in our food storage and reach for one on special occasions… You know… Like Wednesday’s (huuuuump day!). Good thing is I actually […]

Southern California Vacation Family Giveaway!

I’m a SoCal girl. Born and raised in the Mojave desert. That’s desert with one S… Which is no-bueno… But one thing that was great about growing up in that area were all of the amazing theme parks that I got to experience. Some of my favorite memories were visiting Six Flags, Universal Studios, and […]