The Best Pumpkin Bars

Hello PUMPKIN BARS! This post has been in the making for a few weeks now. I first tried this recipe for a baby blessing we were heading to. The parents to be asked us to bring something sweet to share and since it IS fall baking season I decided to stick with a classic flavor. […]

Halloween Ghost Cookies

Remember those adorable mummy cookies I made last week? WELL, it turns out that when left unfinished they look like little Halloween ghost cookies! I know that in blogland Halloween has come and gone, and everyone is already moved onto Thanksgiving or even Christmas, but I can’t bring myself to push past the spooky little […]

Apple Pie Turnovers

I’ve never been much of an apple lover. I’ve actually avoided them whenever possible. Pies, tarts, dips… Anything that required the fruit was on my no-way-Jose list. Luckily my five year old recently insisted that I take a big ol’ chomp out of the perfect apple he picked from our local grocer. It was AMAZING. […]