Easy Lemonade


This Easy Lemonade is the perfect way to cool down this summer!   I kid you not, we live on lemonades and limeades (especially this mint limeade) during the summers. I have a spout type dispenser in my fridge that is always filled with a great version of this sweet drink. That’s exactly what this […]

Taco Pizza


Spice up your weekday menu with this easy Taco Pizza. Guys. This pizza was soooo good but pushed me to the edge when it came to photos. I want you to take a second and imagine, if you will, that you are standing in my kitchen and smelling the most amazing tacos. I combined the […]

Perfect Iced Tea


This Perfect Iced Tea is a great way to cool down during these warm summer days. Finding simple drinks to help keep hydrated is key to my survival during the summer. I guzzle water like it’s going out of style, but sometimes I just need a little something more to help me get the right […]

Strawberry Peach Jam


Use up your in season produce with this simple Strawberry Peach Jam recipe! For some reason I have had that song from Madagascar (you know the one) stuck in my head ever since I made this recipe. We (my six year old and I) also jammed out to it while we were cooking this up. The truth […]