Simple Turkey Gravy

Wow. Does it feel like I’m kind of bouncing back and forth between holidays?! Hopefully you’ll be able to forgive my sporadic behavior since I will be providing you with a simple turkey gravy recipe that will blow your mind. The gravy really is the second star of the show, right? I think everyone smoothers […]

Merry Magazine

You guys!! I am not even where to start with this post. A few months ago the wonderful Melissa, from The Sweet Escape, approached me with this crazy idea to make a magazine packed full of projects, recipes, fashion, and décor for the holidays. It took me all of two seconds to jump on board. […]

Eggnog Dip

A few years back I posted this eggnog dip recipe and the feedback was amazing. Not being a big eggnog fan I’ve put off making it again and pushed the idea of retaking photos to the back of my mind. Luckily I had to make some cute little gingerbread cookies for a project (More on […]

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Have you seen the movie Chocolat? You know, the one where Juliette Binoche makes amazing chocolate treats and Johnny Depp falls in love with her? I’m pretty sure every girl in the entire world secretly loves to curl up with a giant box of chocolates and swoon over their romance. Juliette serves a hot cocoa […]