Sugar Cookie Recipe

This recipe is one of my favorites. My hubby introduced these little gems back when we were dating. The small box he dropped into my office quickly disappeared and left me daydreaming all day long for the day when I would get my hands on that sugar cookie recipe! His mom generously passed the recipe […]

Ghirardelli S’more French Macarons

This is my very last Valentines post for the year. I’m sad, but a little happy at the same time. I’ve gained too much weight eating all of the fun recipes that I’ve made to help celebrate the big day. I had a little inspiration for this one thanks to Ghirardelli and my upcoming camping series (hint hint). I grabbed some of their 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Baking Chips and used them to create the most amazing and decedent s’mores French macarons!

Raspberry Meringue Cookies

I’m just going to admit that I have a problem. I’m addicted to Valentines inspired recipes. Especially easy ones like these raspberry meringue cookies! I tried this recipe once ages ago and was left disappointed. They tasted almost grainy and it wasn’t until closer inspection of the recipe that I realized I used the WRONG […]

Chocolate Graham Crackers

I’m really feeling the love bug now. Hearts are all over our house and the two boys that live with me are not loving it. Apparently even a four year old has a strong opinion on what colors and shapes are and aren’t aloud in the house… Good news is there wasn’t a bone in […]

Snickerdoodle Cookies

Apparently I’m in a cinnamon and sugar kind of mood. Yesterday it was the snickerdoodle cake… Today it’s the snickerdoodle cookies! These are actually high on my mom’s list of awesomely delicious cookies. She has a love for dough that’s rolled in sugar before baking, but they also bring back some fond memories of us […]