Spicy Chocolate Cookies


Spicy chocolate cookies… Do I really need to talk you into this one? Ok, probably. I am sure that after Thanksgiving pies and Christmas treats you are about sugared out. HOWEVER, I truly believe that these cookies are categorized all on their own and far from those you have recently seen on party/neighbor trays. The […]

White chocolate candy cane pretzels


Sometimes you just need a simple treat. Something sweet, maybe a little salty, and definitely covered in candy canes. Especially when it’s December and the amount of candy canes filling your home is overwhelmingly large. When you get to that point you realize a couple of things. First, I may or may not have a […]

Harmons for the Holidays: Christmas Cookie Edition


Are you all getting things together for the holidays? Tis the season to bake and build giant mounds of Christmas cookies to share with your loved ones, right? No? Is that just me? Well, I am a firm believer that a great cookie and tall glass of milk can help spread Christmas cheer and turn around even […]

3 Ingredient Cookies and Cream Fudge


Tis the season for neighbor gifts! If you are like me you have probably been in the kitchen baking up all kinds of fun treats to spread some holiday cheer! One of the big things this year has been my two ingredient fudge. It is so simple to create and tastes just like the fudge […]

Reindeer Sugar Cookies


I have to confess, this is not my idea. I’ve seen a version of these on pinterest and they are just too cute not to make. Mostly, from what I’ve seen, they have been made in the form of cupcakes and cake bites but not too many reindeer sugar cookies are floating around out there! […]