Copycat Circus Cookies


These Copycat Circus Cookies will take you right back to your childhood. We all grew up with those classic Circus Animal Cookies. They came in fun shapes like camels and elephants. Sometimes you would end up with two stuck together and the challenge of recreating a species or trying to guess what they could have […]

Copycat Oreo Cookies


Copycat Oreo Cookies… Milks NEW favorite cookie. I knew it was only a matter of time before I gave in and gave these a try. Oreo’s… Crunchy chocolate cookies filled with a sweet cream filling. Perfect for dunking in milk or eating all on their own. Also, a family favorite. I gave my husband two of […]

Muddy Buddies


Muddy Buddies or Puppy Chow… Whatever you call it it’s delicious! I have to admit, this is one recipe I never tried until I this year. I heard it refereed to as Puppy Chow and let’s be honest… That doesn’t sound too appetizing. I always politely declined when offered but man-oh-man was I missing out! Peanut […]

Oatmeal Cream Pies


It’s my birthday today. I am officially 28 years old. One year closer to 30. I’m actually not too worried about the big 3-0 but for some reason this birthday has me feeling the blues. Good news? It’s nothing a good oatmeal cream pie can’t fix! Last summer I had the opportunity to move to […]

Spicy Chocolate Cookies


Spicy chocolate cookies… Do I really need to talk you into this one? Ok, probably. I am sure that after Thanksgiving pies and Christmas treats you are about sugared out. HOWEVER, I truly believe that these cookies are categorized all on their own and far from those you have recently seen on party/neighbor trays. The […]