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Margarita Chicken

July 12, 2016

This Margarita Chicken is brought to you by Pompeian. Did you know I moved across the country? Well, more like down the country. Last month we went from Utah to Texas and some of the few pantry ingredients that made the trip were a bottle of tequila and a box of olive oil. Today those two ingredients are […]

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Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs

July 7, 2016

Nothing says comfort food like pasta EXCEPT when that pasta is topped with Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs! I have this sad addiction to collecting cookbooks. It started a few years ago when I was obsessed with those character cupcakes and I saw the cutest book teaching how to make dozens of different versions. I couldn’t help myself. […]

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Oven Roasted Chicken Breast

June 30, 2016

Add this Oven Roasted Chicken Breast to your go-to recipes. It’s easy, delicious, and great all on it’s own or as a base for other chicken dishes! Chicken is one of those things that is always in my refrigerator. Even if it’s not on my grocery list I find myself putting it in the cart because […]

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Classic Potato Salad

June 28, 2016

Summer is here and I can’t think of another side dish that pairs so well with all of your summer eats like Classic Potato Salad!  My grandma made the best potato salad. I’m sure that everyone says that about their grandparents (or parents). Something about adding this simple side to your burgers or grilled favorites […]

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Spicy Coconut Shrimp

June 20, 2016

Let’s spice up the traditional tin foil meal this camping/grilling season with this Spicy Coconut Shrimp! You can get this recipe plus 50 MORE in my new cookbook, Foiled! Easy, Tasty, Tin Foil Meals! I never in a million years thought that I would write a cookbook. It seemed like such a daunting task but […]

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