Asian Zing Chicken Bites (Copycat)


Show of hands, who here has been to Buffalo Wild Wings? My husband ate there SO often when he was working in Kentucky and could not stop talking about one specific flavor. These Asian zing chicken bites are SO close to the original flavor but more like a boneless nugget version. I did tweak things […]

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FREE Food Pun Valentine Printables


This post is probably going to look a little bit different from my norm. Today I’m sharing a few super fun food pun Valentine printables (say that three times fast) that need to be in your kitchen. I had so much fun thinking up these cute little sayings with my husband and giggling over the […]

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Easy Broccoli Cheese Soup


I look for two things when I’m searching for dinner ideas… First the recipe has to be incredibly simple and second it has to taste great. This easy broccoli cheese soup managed to hit a home run in both of those categories. It’s quick, easy, and needs to be in your belly. Right now. I […]

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