Summer Splash Series Sponsored by Kleenex Hand Towels

I am super excited to announce the next party series here on One Sweet Appetite! This one is sponsored by Kleenex Hand Towels, which happen to be one of the staples in our home! With a messy four year old, we learned pretty quick that hand towels need to be changed multiple times a day. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone in to wash my hands and found chocolate… peanut butter… dirt… or some other awesome mess smeared all over our fresh clean towels (Apparently Dax needs a lesson in how to properly scrub your hands…)!

It was around my 500th load of laundry that I saw a commercial for Kleenex Hand Towels… I briefly remembered hearing about them from friends, and did a little research. They are free of inks, dyes, and fragrances…Super absorbent thanks to their dry touch fibers… AND has a pop up delivery system which always keeps one clean, fresh, dry towel conveniently on hand.  I had to test these out for myself, and knew just the occasion…

party collage

We are lucky enough to live in a neighborhood full of kids. It is almost like you’ve stepped directly out of an old movie. On a typical summer day, if you were to drive down our street, you would see at least ten kids running from yard to yard taking advantage of each unique play set up. I decided to put the Kleenex Hand Towels to the ultimate test and host a kid friendly Summer Splash party. Full of messy foods and water games galore!


Stick around this week for more on my Summer Splash Series! I’ll be posting some delicious recipes, tutorials, and ideas for some kid friendly fun!


The good news is that YOU have an opportunity RIGHT NOW to win a box of Kleenex Hand Towels to test out for yourself! All you have to do is comment on this post letting me know why you think you should win. Easy peasy, right? The winner will be chosen on July 31 at 8 AM with!

Stick around this week for more on my Summer Splash Series! I’ll be posting some delicious recipes, tutorials, and ideas for some kid friendly fun!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. says

    I don’t think I deserve to win more than any other person,but these seem like they would be an awesome addition to our guest bathroom. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  2. says

    What a cute party! I’d love to win because we go through paper towels at my house like candy… It would be nice to try something different.

  3. says

    How fun! I could have used these this morning after I had to clean up a potty training disaster. We’ve been potty training for the past 5 years in a row (not the same kid all that time, thank God.) I can definitely see the use for these.

  4. says

    This is a super cute party idea! I love it.

    I need these towels for my camping trip this weekend. I really need them at home because my husband insists on drying his hands on the dish towel. You would that that is okay because since he just washed them they should be clean. Not so. Sometimes they are still not so clean. Maybe if he could see that on a white towel he would get it!! :)

  5. says

    First of all, what a cute party! Any kid would be thrilled to attend, I’m sure!
    I would love to have these Kleenex hand towels handy for my son to use after washing up after a long day of playing outside!

  6. says

    I would love to try them! I have kids at my home every day and would love to be able to use them. Like you, I have seen what the little ones can do to my towels, so these hand towels would be perfect!

  7. Stacie Dorius says

    We would love to win because it seems like you can never have enough of them! We have messes and spills all the time, such is the life of a mom!!!

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