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Strawberry Peach Jam

July 16, 2015

Use up your in season produce with this simple Strawberry Peach Jam recipe! For some reason I have had that song from Madagascar (you know the one) stuck in my head ever since I made this recipe. We (my six year old and I) also jammed out to it while we were cooking this up. The truth […]

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Strawberry Basil Salad

June 8, 2015

We have been spending a lot of time outside enjoying the warm weather (when it’s not raining) and picnic foods are high on our favorite list! This strawberry basil salad is packed with sweet berries but is surprisingly savory! I know what you are probably thinking. Sweet and savory? No way! But I promise this […]

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Fresh Strawberry Syrup

April 20, 2015

Mother’s day is just around the corner. Can you believe it? It gives me goose bumps to think that I have been the mom to my crazy kid for six years. I said SIX! Geez whiz, where has the time gone? He just keeps getting bigger and bigger. One thing that I am looking forward […]

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Copycat Zupas Strawberry Harvest Salad

March 11, 2015

Who loves Zupas?! If you are a blogger in Utah chances are good you’ve eaten there once or twenty times. The very first time I ever visited was with one of my first roommates. She raved about their soups, salads, and sandwiches and finally convinced me to meet up for lunch. I got soup and […]

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Strawberry Champagne Vinaigrette

March 10, 2015

Any Zupas fans out there?! I’ve been craving a good salad and this recipe was inspired by one of their most popular. You really just can’t go wrong with a strawberry champagne vinaigrette. Sweet, a little tart, and oh-so elegant. Like always, I tried to keep things as simple as possible. I started with my […]

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