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5+ Homemade Bread Recipes with Yeast

Bread does not have to be intimidating! These easy yeast bread recipes are simple and perfect for beginners! Each will call for either active dry yeast or instant yeast.

  • Active Dry Yeast- The most common yeast used in bread making. Active yeast will need to be proofed, or dissolved in a small amount of warm water, before it is added to the rest of the ingredients. This activates the yeast and allows it to work its magic while your bread is baking.
  • Instant Yeast- Instant yeast is very similar to active dry. The biggest difference is that it is milled into a finer particle. That makes it able to dissolve and activate without the need to proof. You can mix this directly into the dry ingredients.

Try our most popular 40 minute hamburger buns for your summer grilling, our favorite no-knead artisan bread for a crusty outside and super soft center, or overnight cinnamon rolls for a sweet breakfast treat!

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Overnight Artisan Bread Recipe- No Knead!

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Easy Seasoned Dinner Rolls Recipe

Easy Seasoned Dinner Rolls. Using frozen dinner roll dough, butter, and McCormick’s Salad Supreme you can have crowd pleasing dinner rolls in no time! My husband grew up with these rolls. They were made every Sunday with dinner. Every. Single. Sunday.  Why? Because they are so incredibly simple and taste amazing. This recipe was passed …

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Hamburger Buns Recipe- 40 Minutes!

Hamburger Buns Recipe in under 40 minutes! This easy recipe is the perfect addition to your grilled favorites and perfect for beginner bread makers. Minimal ingredients and easy to follow instructions. I have always had a hard time with bread recipes. There are so many components that need to be just right in order for …

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