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Chicken TAcos. Easy Packed Lunch.

Packing lunch should be a easy process. No one wants to get up super early and cook an entire meal that they aren’t even going to eat until later in the day. Most of the recipes we use are premade the night before as dinner, or in this case made earlier in the week and used for multiple recipes! I love either grabbing a rotisserie chicken or cooking 3 to 4 chicken breasts on Sunday to use in our menu throughout the week. Pull out 1/2 of a breast, slice it up, and you have endless options. Like these chicken tacos!

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chicken-taco-kids-lunch But back to the recipe… Box up those leftovers in your lunchbox food container and use them to create a new recipe!

1/2 chicken breast, cooked and cut
1/4 cup rice
1-2 tablespoons guacamole

Pack in individual containers and let them build their tacos when the time comes.

I just purchased a million of these reusable sandwich bags. They are perfect for storing tortillas or any bread based item, and the design is amazing!


We like this simple guacamole, but you can find individual serving packs in the veggie aisle of the grocery store. Salsa and sour cream served in little silicone baking cups are also great alternatives.

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