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Strawberry Shortbread Cookies

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A few weeks ago I was presented with an opportunity that I just couldn’t believe. Better Homes and Gardens reached out and asked me to post on their blog, Delish Dish. Not just that… They wanted me to put my Jesseca flair on one of their already perfect recipes! How much pressure is that?! One of my all time favorite magazines and sites was looking to have me contribute for them!! Finding a recipe was the hardest part. I flip flopped back and forth but eventually settled on some sweet strawberry shortbread cookies!

strawberry shortbread cookies

These sweet bites are filled with strawberry jam which give them the most amazing speckled charm. Shortbread cookies are delicious all on their own, but add strawberries and you are in possession of a precious little gem.

strawberry shortbread cookies berries

I’ve always been a big fan of strawberries in desserts. This year alone I’ve made Strawberry and Strawberry lemonade cupcakes! Something about the bright reds and greens in the fun little berries seem to make the best fruit desserts.

strawberry shortbread cookie BHG

I used a simple scalloped circle cutter to keep the look clean and elegant. Shortbread is pretty tough to mess up. I didn’t follow the recipe to a T and mine still turned out amazing. I love how just a few simple ingredients can make a dozen cookies appear in a snap!

strawberry shortbread cookie recipe

Head over to Delish Dish and read what changes I made and get a glimpse at the original recipe. My five year old food critic gave these five stars. They seemed to magically disappear practically overnight. I think my hiding spots need some re-thinking.

I want to take a quick second to say thank you. Thank you to Better Homes and Gardens for this amazing opportunity to work with a company I’ve looked up to since day one of my blog. And thank you to all of YOU, my readers. You are the reason my blog has survived and I look forward to many more posts full of fun recipes!

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