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Sunday Snippet: Halloween

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My child is so difficult. This year he decided to be a rock star for Halloween. Seems fairly simple, right? WRONG! He wanted to be a specific rock star from a specific music video. He’s been obsessed with the band Fun for a while now, so it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise when he announced to us that he wanted to be Nate Ruess (the lead singer). He looked adorable but also just like his every day style… with the addition of a guitar. Here’s a little comparison for you:

dax comparison

We aren’t even sure that Nate plays the guitar, but talked Dax into carrying it so people would have an easier time realizing what he was. And in case you were wondering… those suspenders are homemade. It’s impossible to find them anywhere other than online!


So hopefully you enjoyed this little look into our life. Our Halloween’s have been so much more fun now that we get to take this adorable little man around.

What did you all dress up as this year?