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Sunday Snippet: Let it Snow

In just three days it will be Christmas. I have spent the last week just wishing I could do nothing but spend more time with this little four year old. Here is a little snippet of what is going on around our home…


His list to Santa was fairly short this year. The big ticket item was a skateboard. With four wheels. Other then that he would like a yoyo, ball with a handle that he can bounce on, and a movie to watch with mom. I have a feeling Santa can manage that.


We’ve been in the kitchen a lot. Baking up & decorating cookies, breads, jams… So when we had a big snow storm I decided to leave the computer and kitchen behind to spend some much needed quality time outside.


He kicked snow, built a snowman, broke icicles… All of the traditional things you’d do as a kid when there is a fresh blanket of white on the ground. He even got to break in a brand new pair of snow boots!


But his favorite was forming snow balls to throw at me… Go figure.


I love my blog and all of you, but this is what is truly important to me. This little person. I shouldn’t say little because it seems like every day he is bigger, smarter, and cuter. He is such a handful and sometimes a pain, but he is mine. I hope you all spend as much time with your loved ones over the next week as you can. I have posts scheduled out, but am taking a week to spend with this boy and my wonderful husband (who puts up with all of this). I’ll be back the following week to answer any questions and comments!

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