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Easy Chocolate Covered Strawberries

A quick and simple step-by-step tutorial for how to make Chocolate Covered Strawberries. All you need are three ingredients and 20 minutes! I can’t be the only one that is constantly surprised at the high price tag of store bought chocolate covered strawberries, can I? This is the cheapest dessert to make and incredibly easy. …

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2 Ingredient Strawberry Fudge

This simple 2-Ingredient Strawberry Fudge comes together in just 10 minutes! The perfect no-fuss Valentine’s Day treat recipe. The list of 2-Ingredient fudge recipes on this site is LONG. I have eaten a LOT of fudge in the search of 2-ingredient treats. This strawberry fudge recipe takes the cake! It has so many things going …

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Red Velvet Cookies- Cake Mix Hack

These easy red velvet cookies are made with just 5 simple ingredients! The secret? Cake mix! In under 20 minutes you can have beautiful red velvet cookies topped with chocolate hearts.  The day of love is quickly approaching. I have been working on some treats that are oh-so perfect to share with that special someone. …

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