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Just three ingredients is all it takes to make these super simple lemon truffles! Rich, full of citrus flavor, and covered in white chocolate. The perfect easy dessert recipe.

These easy lemon truffles have been made in our home for years. When I saw that Oreo released a lemon version of their golden cookies, I KNEW I had to give this a try. Our classic Oreo Truffles are always a hit at parties. A lemon version gives a refreshing citrus twist to the easy dessert!

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Simple Ingredients


Easy And Delicious

How long are Oreo truffles good for? If stored properly, Oreo truffles can last up to one week! I suggest keeping them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Can you make Oreo truffles ahead of time? Yep! You can make them up to one week in advance. I suggest only making them five days in advance so you can save any leftovers for a few more days.


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Truffles are SO fun to decorate. Once you have made them a time or two, you are going to find that they are your favorite impressive treat to make! Here are some fun ways to decorate your dessert.

"Make me those lemon things." - My dad whenever he calls me.