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This Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla is bursting with bold flavors and a hint of fiery spice! Imagine succulent chicken coated in zesty buffalo sauce, nestled between layers of melted cheese, all enclosed in a crispy tortilla.

This buffalo quesadilla is a quick and easy dinner that really delivers in flavor. Even my very picky teenager gives it the stamp of approval, and has whipped it up over a dozen times since we first made it.

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Simple Ingredients


Easy And Delicious

Can I use pre-cooked chicken for buffalo chicken quesadillas? Yes! In fact, I recommend it. That makes the process super quick and easy. We keep rotisserie chicken in the freezer or opt for our favorite frozen chicken options like Just Bare tenders. What type of cheese is best for buffalo chicken quesadillas? We tested this recipe with several different cheese types. Our favorite, by far, was regular cheddar cheese. Can I make buffalo chicken quesadillas ahead of time and reheat them? Yep! Once you’ve cooked the quesadillas, let them cool completely. Place in an airtight container inside the refrigerator until ready to enjoy.


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Tasty + Filling

We LOVE ranch dressing for this recipe. However, you could use blue cheese dressing or even more buffalo sauce or sour cream.

"YUM! Easy, filling, and picky eater approved."