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This Malibu Chicken Recipe is the perfect easy weeknight dinner! Chicken breast is dipped in butter, coated in Italian breadcrumbs, and topped with ham and Swiss cheese for a delicious and simple dinner idea!

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Malibu chicken is a dish made incredibly popular by the restaurant chain Sizzler. It consists of a breaded and baked chicken breast, topped with a slice of ham and Swiss cheese, and served with a mustard dipping sauce.

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What is Malibu Chicken?


Quick Easy Dinner

Turn once halfway through for even baking.

Use an oven safe rack inside the baking tray to help crisp both sides of the chicken.

Mist with cooking spray before baking. I like avocado oil spray.




How to

bake crispy chicken

Better Than Sizzler!

Bold statement, but true! We have made this dozens of times for friends and family and they all agree!

"Easy and tasty dinner. We doubled the dipping sauce."