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This quick and easy Pickle Relish Recipe comes together in minutes and DOES NOT need to be cooked! Perfect quick fix pickle relish to top off your grilled favorites all season long!

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This recipe has a fairly short list that uses ingredients that are fairly common in the everyday kitchen. Since it is a “quick fix” recipe, it uses cucumbers that are already pickled. Which means you get bold fresh flavor without all of the work of classic relish!

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5 Ingredients


Ready in 10 Mins

Here’s the deal, this relish is so stinken good for so many things. We use it on hotdogs, obviously, but also on a few other summer favorites like:

potato salad macaroni salad egg salad chicken salad meatloaf (so good and so random) tuna

What do

you eat relish on?

How do you store leftovers?

We find that this relish is best eaten within one to two weeks of making. Keep stored in refrigerated in an airtight container.

"I made this using sweet & spicy pickles, so I now have sweet & spicy pickle relish. It’s very good!"