Quick + Easy

This fudgesicle recipe is the ultimate answer to your dessert dreams. From their velvety-smooth texture to the luscious burst of cocoa flavor, these frozen delights are a true delight for all ages.

Minimal Ingredients: You only need a handful of basic ingredients that might already be in your kitchen!

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Simple Ingredients


Easy And Delicious

Can I make these dairy free? YES! One of our favorite dairy free versions is with coconut milk. Add a touch of vanilla and follow the directions. This makes such a rich and creamy coconut milk fudgesicle that is out of this world delicious. Can you make popsicles without a mold? I have 3 popsicle molds (affiliate) floating around my home. The thing is, I can almost never find them when I need them. We are big fans of the Dixie cup method when I cannot find my favorite mold. Pour your pops straight into a Dixie cup. Freeze 20 minutes. Add a Popsicle stick and freeze solid. *Note: Use a baking tray or large plate to keep all of your cups from falling in the freezer. Other options are: Muffin Tins Ice cube trays Clean Yogurt Containers Dixie cups


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Tasty + Filling

My seven  year old has declared these to be one of our must-have treats in the freezer. They are so easy that there is really no reason I would not have them on hand!

"Tastes like a frozen brownie!"