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How to Pipe a Rose … On a Cookie

June 25, 2014

My sugar cookies with piped rose frosting are by far my most popular recipe of all time. It even passed up my camping series and has a whopping 51,546 pins! FIFTY ONE THOUSAND pins! Can you believe that? So I am finally caving and giving you a tutorial on how to pipe a rose. On a cookie.

How to pipe a rose cookie

First things first, gather your equipment! I like this cream cheese frosting. It’s not super runny like other versions and seems to harden just enough so you can stack cookies without ruining all of your hard work. You will also need some decorating bags and a piping tip. Oh, and don’t forget the cookies!

How to pipe a rose cookie ingredients

Normally I use a slightly larger star top but because we moved across the country half of my things are currently unavailable. This Ateco 825 tip makes a pretty rose and is probably my new favorite.

How to pipe a rose cookie piping tip

Cut the end off of your decorating bag, slide in the piping tip, and fill with frosting (is it just me or could that almost be dirty?). Time to get started. Lay out an unfrosted cookie and hold you bag straight up and down. Like this:

How to pipe a rose cookie step one

Here is the gist of things…  You want to keep your bag at a 90 degree angle. Pipe starting in the center and moving clockwise toward the edge of your cookie. Make sure you keep even pressure on the bag. When you get close to the edge slowly stop applying pressure and pull away.

How to pipe a rose cookie step two

Here is a little step by step in photo form. Really, these rosettes are as simple as pie. Practice on your first batch of cookies and you’ll be impressing friends and family in no time!

So what do you think? Ready to dive right in and try this out for yourself? Whip up a batch of these yummy sugar cookies and get practicing! Don’t forget to tag me in your photos so I can see when you try out a recipe or tutorial.

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