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18+ Simple Pie Recipes

Pie recipes are a holiday staple and could not be easier to make (especially if you use a prepared pie crust!). With 18 classic pies to pick from, you can pick a pie for every occasion! We love our homemade buttermilk pie and banana pie the most, but the pumpkin pie in a crock pot and Mexican chocolate are by far the most popular on the site!

Browse all of the easy pies and save your favorites. It’s easy with the save button located on the bottom right. One tap on the little heart and all of your go-to recipes are in once place.

More sweet pies:

Banana Cream Pie Recipe- From Scratch

This easy Banana Cream Pie recipe uses a homemade vanilla pudding poured over ripe banana slices. Chilled and served with whipped cream, this is the ultimate pie recipe.  This post was originally published May 13, 2016. It has since been updated to include more helpful tips and photos. Banana Pie was a go-to in our …

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Cranberry Meringue Pie Recipe

Cranberry Meringue Pie. Up your pie game with this delicious twist on a classic! Slightly tart cranberry filling is topped with a toasted meringue for the perfect dessert recipe! Show of hands, who has an obsession with beautiful cookbooks? I found this book (affiliate) while browsing the all-mighty Amazon and new it needed to be …

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Caramel Apple Pie Recipe

This Caramel Apple Pie transforms the classic fall dessert by adding caramel and bits of toffee! Perfect for in-season produce and Thanksgiving treats! Salted Caramel Apple Pie Recipe Today we are going to talk about PIE. It has made an appearance on the website a couple of times but never like this. While regular ol’ pie varieties …

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Key Lime Mousse Bites

This Easy Lime Mousse is light, refreshing and tastes remarkably similar to your favorite pie. This no-bake dessert is ready in minutes, uses only 4-ingredients, and is the perfect go-to recipe for summer. Love this summer treat? Be sure to try my 5-Minute Strawberry Dessert, Mini Key Lime Cheesecakes, and Jello Grapes! RECIPE FEATURES Quick …

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Coconut Cream Pie Recipe- Made with Toasted Coconut!

This homemade coconut cream pie recipe is simply the best. Quick and easy to make and packed with coconut flavor! The Best Coconut Cream Pie Recipe  This no bake coconut cream pie is a staple for us. It is so stinken easy to make and the flavor is out of this world! All together, it …

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