Easy Jell-O Popsicles

I grew up in Southern California. Just a little personal tid-bit about my life! We spent our summers running barefoot from house to house collecting popsicles, and ridding our bikes down to the convenience store to grab Yoohoo’s with any change we found in between the couch cushions. Those are the best memories. I want my son to gain experiences like those with all of his neighborhood friends so we keep these little gems in our freezer at all times.


Easy Jell-O Popsicles


  • 1 (3oz) package Jell-O
  • 1 packet of Kool-Aid
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 2 cup boiling water
  • 2 cup cold water


  1. In a pitcher, combine the Jell-O, Kool-Aid, sugar, and boiling water. Stir until dissolved.
  2. Mix in the cold water and pour into your molds. Freeze for 4-6 hours or until solid.


(The purple didn’t really turn out true to color, but still looks pretty in it’s own way!)

Only four ingredients and they take you practically no time to make. We are big fans of the dixie cup method, but you can use regular popsicle molds if you’d like. They worked out perfectly to serve at our Summer Splash party. We had a variety of colors for the kids, and adults, to chose from. Each one flavored differently. We like to mix and match.


Let’s reminisce! What are some of your favorite childhood treats?


  1. says

    Oh my girls will love these because the just love being able to choose out of so many different colors! Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    Delicious and easy! My two faves!
    One of my favorite childhood treats – definitely those nasty white and pink frosted animal crackers with rainbow sprinkles. So gross, but I love them!

  3. Jessica says

    Im at the store but cannot seem to find 13oz Jell-o boxes they only come in 3oz and 6oz. Am I missing something? Thank you for your help!

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