5 No-Fuss Party Activities

The last few weeks have been a crazy celebration of a few things. First, my blog is celebrating it’s THRID year this Wednesday. Can you believe that? One Sweet Appetite has been floating around for 730 days. Geez, that’s like a billion in blog years! But most importantly my sweet little boy turned one year older. Which means we had to have a party. It’s possible it lasted the full month, but six is kind of a big deal.

Any who, that brings me back to this amazing post. While putting together his birthday party I decided that everyone needs a go-to list of no-fuss party activities. Below are my top five. Chime in if you’ve got one or two that should make this list!
5 no fuss party activities
1. Bounce House.
This was THE most brilliant idea ever. Whoever decided to start renting these things out has my heart and endless gratitude since this was what we used as entertainment this year. After searching the web for a few weeks I stumbled upon the company Let’s Jump Utah. Their site design was by far the best I had seen and they won me over with their sweet savings/fact that the rental came with a dolly. Those things are HEAVY and it really was a life saver not to have to pick it up at all. Bonus, the kids stayed inside from drop off until pick up. They didn’t even break for cake (more for me).



2. Ball Pit.
Dig out that blow up pool that’s been collecting dust and fill it with some ball pit balls like Angie from Marigold Mom! Let the kids jump in and go crazy. It really doesn’t seem like too much of a big deal, but like the bounce house they just won’t get out of it. Something about this simple activity captivates little’s attention and keeps ahold. It’s also handy to have around for summer boredom busters.


3. Obstacle Course.
Open the shed, go through the toys, and pull out some craft supplies. Alison, from Learn Play Imagine shows you how to utilize some simple items from around your home for a quick obstacle course ready for little ones to run, jump, and crawl through.

Obstacle course play date (1)

4. Sidewalk Chalk (and other outdoor toys).
Break away from ordinary and whip up some sidewalk chalk paint for the kiddos to make a mess with. But don’t stop there… Bring out the bubbles, hula hoops, jump rope… Keep them entertained and get them worn out with those quick outdoor activities.


5. Piñata.
Ok, ok… I admit… I would never be able to make a piñata like the one below from Oh Happy Day. I lack the patience and feel like part of me wouldn’t let the kids swing at it with a bat. We did, however, pick one up from the store and pack that thing with candy. The kids were over the moon excited to be blindfolded and step up to bat.

So what do you think? Enough to help you get a few no-fuss options? What are some other ideas I maybe missed?

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