Shark Week and Ice Cream

This post brought to you by Cold Stone Creamery. All opinions are 100% mine.

There are few things in this world I love more than food. Shark week on Discovery Channel is definitely one of those things. Especially since I have a no-good-rotten-smelling-boy. We look forward to these seven days all year and were completely over joyed when we found out that Cold Stone Creamery was teaming with Discovery again to bring you the Great Blue Cupcakes!

I called up a few of my gal pals and invited them to join me for a Cold Stone cupcake taste test. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those chocolate cups. I love the yellow cake and sweet cream ice cream combo.

And so did our little model. she couldn’t wait to dive right in! Dax was a little hesitant but was eager to at least try the blue frosting.

I love that you can order Great Blue Cupcakes Online at or just pick up a half dozen in store. Convenient for any Shark Week parties you might be planning.

Isn’t that little face just the cutest? We actually did have a few adults at this taste testing party but the kids took over the show.

We are big fans of Cold Stone. Their high quality ingredients are compared to none and watching them mix together your flavor choice on that granite slab is a show all in its own. Dax loves how interactive the staff can be. They are so patient with my little indecisive five year old. I swear it took him ten minutes to decide on an ice cream flavor and another ten to tell them that he wouldn’t have anything mixed in. Just vanilla this time!

In case you didn’t know, Cold Stone actually makes all of their ice cream in store on a daily basis. That means every time you go in you are eating FRESH ice cream.

The Great Blue Cupcakes are only available from July 2nd to August 17th, so make sure you get in there before they are gone! Follow @ColdStone on Twitter or their special shark week Pinterest board for more fun Shark Week party ideas!

What is your favorite thing about shark week?

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