Special Occasions

NFL Chopped (a family game)

January 20, 2014


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Any Super Bowl fans out there?? I’ll have to say that football is one of my LEAST favorite things in the entire world. I’m not even really big into the commercials on the big day. I think it’s the girl in me. If my husband was a sports lover… Things might be different. Maybe. I’d put on my cheerleading face and root for our team. Or… um… cheer?

With both of our extended families it’s a little different. Both sides of grandparents have a strong love for the game, so I decided to get creative this year and came up with a fun family version of the TV show Chopped that all of the “poor sports” could play while there were breaks in the show.


It all started with some poster board, Sharpie markers (purchased at Target. Scroll to the bottom to find out how you can save with their mobile coupons! So easy and convenient.) and a few bored teens that needed something to do. I put them to work creating some fun football themed signs that we could hang up as a little décor for our competition as well as a bracket with all of the participants. Some of them even got creative and drew up some football themed items on our signage!


Next it was time for filling the Rubbermaid containers with our secret ingredients. Keeping with the theme of the day, we decided that all rounds would be appetizers. That is the only fun part of the entire event, right? Lots of great finger foods and snacks? I loaded 9 containers with mystery objects that no one (except my little four year old helper) was aware of. And then the fun started!


As soon as there was a long enough break we busted out the first four containers. Everyone opened them up to find sweet potato and cinnamon. Easy enough. I was amazed at the creativity that sprung up. Even from the teens! The judges had it rough. There was a sweet potato hash, sweet potato cracker dip, sweet potato chips… But the winner was the sweet sweet potato fries. Fried in butter and tossed with a cinnamon and sugar mixture… It was just too good NOT to win.


Next round was a savory challenge. The ingredients? Asparagus and garlic parmesan cheese. Not the fresh stuff, but close enough. The remaining three contestants were neck and neck. Everyone had a blast sampling their interesting concoctions, but the asparagus chips won in the end. Tossed in oil and broiled, these chips were crisp and full of healthy goodness. Minus the cheese of course! :0)


After using our Sharpies to move the final two into the last bracket, it was time to bust open the very last set of Rubbermaid containers. The contestants found apples, chocolate, and pop tarts. The pop tart was the big wrench in the box and threw everyone for a loop. We ended up with an apple crumble which was delicious, but simplicity won us over with chocolate dipped apple slices sprinkled with crushed tart.


This game was a blast to play with all of the kids. Getting the to put down their phones and be social wasn’t too hard once they realized that the winner of the competition got to pick that days ice cream flavor! I think next time I’ll try an all adult version and include some more difficult ingredients.

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