Kitchen Chalkboard Labels

I am NOT a crafty person. I hoped I could have been, but honestly… It’s just not in me. I lack patience. Unless it’s a recipe of course! So when I started talking with Expressions Vinyl I was nervous. Way nervous. But I have a list of kitchen projects that I just KNOW you will all love. If you can be super patient with me and my lack of crafty-ness!

My first project that I want to share is something that even my four year old could have done. Which is how I knew it was for me. I saw some jars at one of the home stores that had the most adorable chalk board labels on them. The only problem is that they were SO tiny. What was I supposed to put in there? I decided that I for sure can make one on a larger scale using some of the chalkboard vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. That’s right… I said chalkboard vinyl!


I started by finding jars that were a lot bigger. I wanted some that I could use on my counter to hold my sugars and chocolate chips. I got these ones at wal-mart for around $3.


Use a Cricut, silhouette, or plan ol’ scissors to cut out a fun design. I decided to stick with a nice curvy pattern that will look a little fancy on the jars.


It’s a good idea to measure how big you want them first. I had to cut out two sets because I thought I could eyeball it. I think that’s the impatience I was talking about earlier. I just don’t have time to take my time!


Peel the backing off of your cut vinyl…


And smooth onto your jars! Can you believe how pain free that was? So simple!


Now is the fun part! Fill your jars with sugars, candies, cookies, coffee… Anything you want to have visible on your counter!


Grab some chalk (which I couldn’t find before these pictures! Thank you four year old…) and write away! Label your jars appropriately and then display your works of art!


All together this project took me 15 minutes, and that was only because I got ahead of myself and ended up needing to cut an extra set of labels. I like that it adds a special little something to those boring old jars. I’ve gotten so many compliments when friends and family stop by. Something about having these fun ingredients visible makes my kitchen seem more fun!

Here is some great news! My kitchen crafts aren’t ending with just these jars! I’ve got a few more fun ideas in store using Expressions Vinyl! They are even offering all of you 10% off of their store by using the code ONESWEETAPPETITE at checkout! This code is good up until Valentines day, AND… in case you felt like that wasn’t cool enough…

Today I’m giving away a $25 gift card! you can pick up some of that great chalkboard vinyl or any of their other great colors! All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what project you would create first!


  1. Melanie says

    I’ve been looking for ideas on making cute pantry and kitchen labels, I’d definitely get something for those! Cute project, I love how they turned out!

  2. Kelly says

    I’m absolutely making the chalk board labels. I have those exact containers I used for a child’s birthday party. They will look perfect in my pantry!

  3. Elizabeth O says

    I would love to do just what you did…. labels for jars! I only have 2 canisters on my counter right now, and I sort of hate them. I really like the idea of glass jars with labels!

  4. says

    Oh these are so fun AND I have just been organizing my pantry! I have been really wanting some vinyl though for a couple of sewing projects I am doing. I hope I win so I can get started!

  5. Nancy Meeker says

    We bought a new motorhome and I am trying to keep it organized. I would like chalkborard vinyl for many projects. Canisters will look great with these labels!

  6. Cindy Jorquez says

    I love ordering from Expressions Vinyl! The prices are great, especially with coupon codes, and shipping is super fast! Great customer service too!

  7. asha says

    Hi there
    I am in love with this project idea. I found you on pintrest and I am planning on a similar kitchen pantry organizing.
    I will post pictures when I am done.

    • Janet says

      I want to make these labels from chalkboard vinyl to put on all the storage containers I just bought to organize my pantry.

  8. says

    We make garden art as a fund raiser and our adults with developmental disabilities help. We have wanted to make the “menu boards” from vintage platters painted with chalkboard paint in the middle. Using the vinyl would save the platter for another use later! We are going to do this…..just need the vinyl!!!

  9. Sara B. Zartman says

    I operate a day care & would love to use these on small tubs to label Legos, puzzles, books, markers,and also larger ones for on a wall for numbers & letters. I could use them in scrapbook projects.

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