S’more Valentine Treats

I need a girl. My four year old son is not-so-much into the Valentines Day craze. I designed several cute cards to use as his hand outs this year, but ultimately caved when my friend sent me a picture of her minion design. Dax instantly fell in love and my S’more valentine treats fell to the back of the list.


But that doesn’t mean they will be forgotten! I decided to share this cute design with all of YOU! You can print it straight onto a paper bag, or cut it into a cute tag and tie to clear cellophane tied with ribbon!


Inside each bag pack one or two marshmallows with two Chocolate Graham Cracker cookies. If you want to get crazy you can even toss in a piece of white or milk chocolate! For the s’more above I used white chocolate and spread a little bit of raspberry jam right onto the cracker. I was to-die-for. That white chocolate raspberry s’more concoction should go down in record books!!



AND if you happen to have leftovers… Pop the marshmallows under the broiler for a few seconds and use your crackers to dip away! You don’t even really need chocolate, but I’m not going to deny you the extra bit of sweetness.

Ps- If you decide to broil your marshmallows… watch them closely. They can and will catch fire! Don’t ask how I know that…


This is my first time offering a printable, so don’t be shy to let me know if this doesn’t work! I’m happy to work things out and/or even send you a copy via email!

Click HERE to download.



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