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Spider Web Oreo Cookies

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These Spider Web Oreo Cookies are a quick way to add a spooky treat to your holiday. Made with Oreo cookies and melted chocolate.

Spider Web Oreo Cookies

OK, how cute are these cookies? You all know my love for decorated chocolate sandwich cookies runs deep. I have a so many fun versions on the site, but this might be my favorite!

They are so incredibly easy and any imperfections will add to the overall look and give it some character! Which means, you literally cannot mess this up. 

Spider Web Oreo Cookies on One Sweet Appetite

What you need to make easy spider web cookies: 

  • Chocolate Sandwich Cookies- Like Oreo’s, or your favorite cookie. You could even use the vanilla version if you’d like!
  • White and Black Candy Melts- Candy melts are easier to use and will not harden as quickly, which makes creating the swirl a little simpler. 
  • Popsicle Sticks- Optional, but a fun addition. You could always just dip the cookies straight in the chocolate. 
  • Toothpicks- Or a sharp edged knife. 

This is a very generic tutorial. You can play with the colors, leave out the pop stick, and even make little M&M spiders if you’d like! 

Spider Web Oreo cookies step one

How to make spider web cookies:

  1. Start by inserting a popsicle stick, if using, into the center of the Oreo cookie. I like to use double stuffed since it gives you a bit of a thicker base to use and dip the end of the stick into melted chocolate to help it secure into the center of your cookie.
  2. Next, spoon or dip melted white candy melts over the cookie, gently tapping off the excess. I spoon it because dipping it straight down causes the cookie to fall off the stick.
  3. Melt a tiny bit of black candy melts and place into a small sandwich bag. Snip the corner and pipe a bulls eye ring like the one above while the base chocolate is still wet.
Using a Toothpick to create a spider web

4. Use a  clean toothpick and drag from the inside dot to the outer edge. Repeat until the desired look is achieved, see the photo above for reference.


  • Add a small amount of shortening to the candy melts to help thin it if you find it too thick to dip or spread. 
  • Start some of the webs closer to the edge of the cookie for a side effect that is a fun addition.
  • Work quickly to get the best spider web look.

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Friday 2nd of October 2015

These spider web cookies are such a cool idea. I've pinned them under Funky Food. Brilliant. Thank you for sharing. Sammie